Insurance Claim Steps

Let Lifetime Roofing and Renovation help take the frustration out of filing a claim for insurance covered damage to your home or business. At Lifetime Roofing and Renovation, we have a team that is trained to work with the same programs as most insurance companies and do all the contacting with the insurance company on your behalf so that your schedule is not disrupted.

  • A Lifetime Roofing and Renovation project manager will come to your home or business and will do a free assessment to see if there is insurance covered damage to your structure. The project manager will help you decide if a claim should be filed based on the findings or if small repairs are needed.
  • If a claim is filed, your Lifetime Roofing and Renovation project manager will meet with your insurance adjuster when the inspection occurs.
  • If a claim is approved, the insurance adjuster will provide an insurance estimate. Our office team as well as the project manager will review the insurance estimate to make sure nothing has been left out and supplement for additional items as needed on your behalf.
  • Once all estimates have been finalized, Lifetime Roofing and Renovation will complete the scope of work that the insurance company has approved at the price the insurance company has provided. (Any upgrades or additions to the scope of work will be paid by the homeowner or business owner)
  • Once the scope of work has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer, the office team will request the insurance company release any funds remaining to the customer. Those funds will then cover the remainder of the work with the exception of the deductible and any additions to the scope of work provided by the insurance company.
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