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When you are a home or business owner and something is wrong with your roof, there are a number of
options that become available to you. Whether you need slate roofing repairs and replacements or tile
roofing repairs and replacements, there are solutions that can benefit you.

At Lifetime Roofing and Renovation, we offer a number of services to our potential customers, including
both tile roofing repairs and replacements and slate roofing repairs and replacements. However, it’
important to recognize what damages may occur and the different types of repairs and replacements
available before making a decision on your next step.

What are Some Different Types of Roof Repairs? 
As your roofing gets older, you may need slate roofing repairs and replacements. Or perhaps you have a
different material and tile roofing repairs and replacements are needed. Some of these problems can
cause this need, including but not limited to the following:

 Water puddling on the roof – When water begins to accumulate on your roof, you can encounter a
number of problems. Whether you have poor roof design or parts of your roof that are breaking
down, the water can begin to pond and you may soon have a leak.

 Roof leaks – These are some of the most common reasons a person may need tile roofing repairs
and replacement or slate roofing repairs and replacement. Leaks can occur when the current
roofing is not properly installed or when damage has been done to the material.

 Punctures in the roofing – You may not even recognize this problem, but there are times when
there can be punctures in your roof and you won’t know until you start to recognize other
problems. It’s important to get these repairs done quickly to avoid further issues.

 Shrinking roof – Did you even know something like this could happen? Unfortunately, there may
be times when the roofing can show signs of shrinkage. This may require immediate slate roofing
repairs and replacements or tile roofing repairs and replacements.

 Blow off of roof material – If your roofing was not properly installed or something has gone wrong
over the years, storms and high gusts of wind can cause the roof to lift off the frame, creating a
number of problems that need to be addressed quickly.

 Blistering, splitting, and erosion – No matter the material type of your roofing, you may notice a
number of problems over time, including blistering, splitting, and erosion. Not every single
instance has to be repaired, but when the damage is significant, it should be taken care of

Both tile roofing repairs and slate roofing repairs can help you remedy some of the other problems that
may exist, such as nails coming out of the shingles, when the materials are not torched down, if the
incorrect stack flashing is installed, lifting or bending of shingles, and too much caulking. Repairs are needed in a number of different situations, but it’s important to work with a professional who can help you get the job done right.

What If I Need to Replace My Roof? 
While it can be a costly venture, slate roofing repairs and replacements and tile roofing repairs and
replacements are far more common than you may think simply due to the amount of damage a roof can
take. Before you replace your roof though, there are a few things you should know.

First, make sure you’re choosing the right roofing company for you. It’s important that you are working
with a company you trust so you can ensure your own satisfaction that the job will be done right the first
time. At Lifetime Roofing and Renovation, we are recommended by more than 50 insurance agencies,
property management companies, and real estate brokers throughout the St. Louis area in both Missouri
and Illinois.

Second, you want to ensure that you have the basics down. This includes the following:
Roofing Materials:
When you are replacing your roof, you want to ensure you know your local area, your personal taste, and
what works best for the weather to which your roof will be exposed. However, you should know the
different types of roofing materials available to you so you can make the right choice. These include the

 Asphalt composition shingles which are easily available and often less expensive than other
options. They are not the most attractive materials, but they are one of the most commonly used
types of materials because of the affordability and how easy it is to obtain.

 Wood shakes and shingles are another option, but because they are often attractive, they come
with a hefty price point. If you’re in an area where there is fire danger, though, this would not be a
good option for your home or business.

 Slate roofing is very attractive and often used on high-end properties. Our team actually
specializes in slate roofing repairs and replacements, but for some, it may be considered
expensive or too heavy for their property. However, they are highly sought after for good reason.

 Clay or ceramic tile give off a Spanish-style design that many home and business owners like.
Tile roofing repairs and replacements are not as common because the style is being mimicked by
other materials. These tiles are also good because of their fire retardant abilities.

 Composition slate is made up of mostly recycled materials such as rubber. They look similar to
slate but they don’t suffer nearly as much damage and are not as heavy.

 Metal roofing is common among many commercial buildings and other structures because they
are durable and their resistance to fire. They are initially costly for some, but over the long-term,
they can help save money because they have a long life-span.

Removing the Whole Roof or Adding a Second Layer? 
Many people are aware of the old practice in which new roofing was laid over the existing roof when
problems occurred. However, not all localities allow for this type of work to be done and there are some
requirements in place that call for the previous roofing to be completely removed before new materials
are placed.
For those who even consider the addition of layers to their existing roofing, there are some negative
aspects to consider before you do (if you are in an applicable location that allows it):

 One of the biggest drawbacks of adding layers to additional roofing is the amount of weight that
can go into it. More materials mean more weight and it could be a problem for the framing of the
home and roof. As a result, you may experience structural issues. This is more applicable for
older homes where the frame is not used to the weight.

 Another problem that may exist is the potential of repeating some of the current issues the roof
presents such as bubbling, bumps, blistering, erosion, and more. Instead of completely fixing the
problem with an entire roof replacement, you’d simply be covering the problems which can make
for an unattractive roof and potentially even further problems.

What Can I Expect When Repairing or Replacing My Roof? 
When it comes to the different types of problems requiring repairing or replacing, you should understand
what to expect throughout the entire process. This includes the consultation with the roofing expert, how
long is needed for the job to be completed, overall costs, and more.

The process can be long and arduous, but worth it in the long run as your roof is an essential piece of
your home and your safety. Before moving forward, though, here are a few things you can expect.

 Consultation: During the consultation, you can ask your roofing expert a number of questions
such as how much the job will be, how long it will take, what materials will work best, and whether
a repair or a replacement is needed. The expert can provide a detailed report of what comes next
along with costs so you can choose the appropriate route to move forward.

 Costs: Roofing can be costly, but it is a necessary expense when you consider how much
damage can be done. Consider the different prices of materials, as well as how long each of the
materials will last. Sure, you may pay more for certain materials, but it could save you a lot more
in the long run.

 Duration of Job: One thing you may want to know is how long the job will take to be completed.
However, it’s almost impossible to know until the roofers see the damage and assess what needs
to be done. You should be aware, though, that it may be more expensive and take longer during
peak seasons than it would during certain off-seasons. You can also benefit from an experienced
team who has no problem getting the job done in a timely manner.

Once you have a general idea of what problem you’re facing, your roofer can choose the right method for
repair or replacement to help you move forward with the process. This can get your home back to normal
quickly and effectively.

Why Work with a Professional to Fix the Problem? 
Let’s face it, if we could all find the problem and fix it, there would be a lot of people without a career.
However, not everyone recognizes problems when they occur and the only way they’re aware of them is
when a bigger problem exists, such as when a leak turns into visible water damage inside the home or

Having a professional means understanding the potential damage that has been done and what is
needed to fix it. It means understanding if wood is rotting, whether there is mold that needs to be
removed, or if you can repair a problem instead of replacing the entire roof.

With so many DIYers, though, some jobs can take a lot longer to complete than is necessary. Why put off
hiring an expert when a day-long job can last a lifetime, preventing you long-term stress and further
issues? A professional takes the guesswork out of the entire process so there are no mistakes made and
you don’t have to worry about needing even more repairs in the immediate future.

Choosing Lifetime Roofing & Renovation 
When it comes to tile roofing repairs and replacements, slate roofing repairs and replacements, or any
other roofing needs for residential and commercial clients in the St. Louis Metro area, Lifetime Roofing
and Renovation is the trusted, premier name. We have dedicated ourselves to cultivating community,
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Our expert repair technicians are highly trained, bonded, insured, and background checked to ensure our
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We also recognize that not all problems occur at convenient times and there are some situations that just
can’t wait. Because of that, we offer 24-hour disaster response. This means that no matter the time or
day, when disaster strikes and your roof is in dire need, we’ll be there ready to work and get your home
as safe as possible.

If you need roofing services, trust in our team to help you. We also offer customer loyalty programs and
incentives for military service members, as well as everyday special financing offers so you never have to
worry about whether you can afford high-quality roofing or not. We also promise that we will never
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When your home depends on the best, call Lifetime Roofing and Renovation for a free inspection and
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