*For Immediate Release*

Due to the widespread property damage caused by severe winds November 26th and 27th, 2019 Lifetime Roofing and Renovation has received a very high volume of repair requests over the last 12 hours. In order to quickly and efficiently provide the best possible service to our clients we have enacted the following urgent response plan:


  • Most of the damage to roofing, siding, gutters, etc. that we are seeing with this event will fall within our minimum repair charge of $500.
  • We are collecting Homeowner’s name, address, phone number and email address for those affected. We are also requesting that homeowners send photos of their concerns to brady@lifetimestl.com with their address in the subject line of the email.
  • Upon receipt of all of the requested information we will email the homeowner a repair agreement for the minimum charge of $500. This email will allow homeowners to eSign the document by selecting the link in the body of the email and typing in their name for approval.
  • The Lifetime production team will be scheduling repairs based on when the signed agreement is received as well as geographically so that our repair technicians can facilitate these repairs as efficiently as possible. Currently our lead time for repairs is unknown however a member of our production team will begin emailing estimated repair timelines to each customer as quickly as they can be determined.
  • All photographs will be reviewed by Lifetime Roofing’s on staff HAAG Certified Roof Inspector to determine if there could be additional damages or concerns that would need to be addressed or if the damage sustained may be severe enough for the homeowner to notify their insurance carrier. Depending on the type and signature of the damage our roof inspector may determine that a site visit by a Lifetime Project Manager would be warranted to investigate the damages further. In this case the Project Manager will reach out to the customer in order to notify them of the inspection prior to the previously scheduled repairs being conducted.
  • In the case where a Lifetime repair technician determines, at the time of repair, that the damages extend beyond the normal scope of a minimum repair the homeowner will be notified and a Lifetime Project Manager will assist the customer in determining the best course of action and “next steps” for their specific situation. The repair technicians may still make temporary repairs to ensure the home is protected from further damage.


We, at Lifetime Roofing and Renovation, place a high priority on customer satisfaction as well as ensuring the highest level of integrity. In many instances like this homeowners will be advised by others to file an insurance claim in an attempt to replace a roof in full. This is not always the best course of action and can lead to unnecessary claims on a person’s claim history which can affect future rates and insurability. Wind damage is very often repairable and an insurance claim is not justified. LIfetime is committed to acting in the best interest of our customers and the community at all times. Please contact us at 314-800-0426 with any questions.


Thank you.